Gallery of Our Products

cedar_wood_privacy_fence_and_gate Our typical and might we say, beautiful, Cedar Wood Privacy Fence.  The back side is braced with 3 2X4 rails as they’re called.  You’ll like the way we take time to educate our customers on everything you need to know about a fence.





Custom Utility Panel Fence framed and braced with 5/4 deck boards with 4 inch by 4 inch square utility panels.  The customer new exactly what he wanted so we did it for him, no problem!





This is what most customers like to call a Hog Panel Fence.  It’s actually a Utility Panel Fence framed with 2X4s and utilizing 4 inch by 4 inch square utility panels.  The gate was actually already owned by the customer, purchased at a garage sell, but we can custom fabricate gates like this if you want.  As Willy Nelson likes to say “if you’ve got the money honey, I’ve got the time!”



Typical Commercial Chain Link Fence.  It’s considered a commercial fence because it’s topped by barb wire.  We can install any kind of chain link you’d like from 4 ft. high to 8 ft. high.  The shorter the height of course the lower the price is.





Beautiful Split Rail Ranch Fence.  It’s more of an ornamental fence than a practical containment fence.  It can be turned into a containment fence simply by having us add some kind of fabric (wire) to the back of it.  



12-05-09-pics-077 This was a beautiful Ornamental Steel Fence with rock columns.  The steel panels are powder coated to last a life time and we can gladly fabricate the columns for you as well.  Yes, you’re right it’s not a low cost fence!  See our Willy Nelson quote on the Hog Panel Fence above.





White PVC Ranch Fence.  The PVC ranch fencing material comes in other colors as well.





Standard Ranch Field Fence with field fence fabric (wire) and T posts.  Those are the thin green posts with about 6 inches of white paint at the top.  The Ranch Field Fence can be re-enforced with as many primary wood or steel posts as you desire.  Again, it depends on how much you want to spend on your fence.  We will recommend the best configuration for your money depending on your needs.